“Art Rich”, Cinema Bian, Eslöv

6th of March – “Art Rich”, Cinema Bian, Eslöv 08:30 – 17:00 “Art Rich”, a full day of inspiration on how to work with film and other creative fields and further the possibility to offer creative options for all pupils in our schools. A screening of ‘Blood Sisters’ will start off the day and Malin will be present […]


TV-premiere 9.30 pm TG4, Ireland on Saturday 20th of May 2017!  ‘Banríon na bhFál’ /’Queen of the Falls’ /’Drottningen av Falls’ A TV-documentary in Irish, directed by Malin Cinematography by Kate Mc Cullough, and sound by Guillaume Beauron “Paul is a young gay man from West Belfast who spends his weekends working in the pubs […]