Inspirational film café – AV-Media Kalmar’s digital week

9th of March – Inspirational film café with Blood Sisters and Malin as a part of  AV-Media Kalmar’s digital week for teachers and other interested people from the school world.  09:30 – 11:30 am

Also kick-off for the brand new offer to all schools in Småland to see “Blood Sisters” in their classrooms and the possibility for Malin and Julia to come and visit and talk to pupils about the film.

“Art Rich”, Cinema Bian, Eslöv

6th of March – “Art Rich”, Cinema Bian, Eslöv 08:30 – 17:00

“Art Rich”, a full day of inspiration on how to work with film and other creative fields and further the possibility to offer creative options for all pupils in our schools. A screening of ‘Blood Sisters’ will start off the day and Malin will be present for a Q&A-session afterwards, together with Carolina Falk from Film i Skåne.


TV-premiere 9.30 pm TG4, Ireland on Saturday 20th of May 2017!

 ‘Banríon na bhFál’
/’Queen of the Falls’
/’Drottningen av Falls’

A TV-documentary in Irish, directed by Malin

Cinematography by Kate Mc Cullough, and sound by Guillaume Beauron

“Paul is a young gay man from West Belfast who spends his weekends working in the pubs and clubs of Belfast’s city centre as a drag queen. Paul’s father John is a dyed in the wool, old style republican who is struggling to come to terms with the new times and having a gay son not to mention having a son who is a drag queen. This documentary in Gaelic highlights the conflict and compromises between a father and son whilst both undertake their own personal journeys to find a deeper understanding of themselves and each other.”